tantric sexEverything in life will never go wrong if you make your basics strong. You cannot be Picasso unless and until you know how to draw a perfect circle. 

In our everyday life sex play, a vital role and everybody wants this to be perfect. Here comes basic mantra of tantra often known as Tantric Sex.

What Basic Mantra says?

It is one of the oldest practice that Hindus used to follow. They are practicing this since 5000 years back. The basic rule of this mantra is expansion and weaving of energy. It tells about slowing down the sexual process so that the sex partners can upsurge intimacy while creating a connection between soul and body. This will indeed increase the level of intimacy.
If someone is facing troubles in their sex life and want to reboot it then this sex form can work like a charm for them. It will help the partners to reinvent each other. This mantra strongly condemns the practice of doing quickie sex and encourages deep and slow sex.

How you can define it

Eventually, it is not goal oriented. Therefore, you don’t have to possess high physical endurance to perform the same. However, it all depends on your mind. If you mainly focus on the orgasms and not on enjoying the time you are having with your partner, it will never last long and the mantra of this ends there itself. If you can enjoy the foreplay, be more intimate with your partner and enjoy the time you guys are having, then it’s a perfect example of Tantric sex.

Before going into a more specific area of achieving this sex form, you should know a variety of meditative ways through which you can slow down your excitement and urge for the orgasm.

Some of the best practices used are as follows:

• Turn of the Lights: Darkness is another form of calmness. So make sure you are away from the hustle and bustle of city lights and sound while having a perfect time with your partner.
• Make your body loose: Any form of sex needs calmness in mind as well as in our body. Try loosening your muscles, a short but effective massage between you and your partner definitely will make things more intimate.
• Stay off the Bed / do not lay down: This is where we all make mistake. As I said earlier that it’s all about the mind control. The bed actually triggers up the Sleep button in our brain which eventually hits our Physical endurance and we feel like tired. So even if you are using your private bed for comfort, try to avoid sleeping.
• Experiments: Do not go with the same approach which you generally do which getting intimate with your partner. Try some different touches, soft massages. The objective is to make the sensation higher and intense so that you both can enjoy the time you are having
• Breathing: Do not get over breathing. It will never help you last longer. Make the breathing in such a way that you and your partner both can inhale and exhale with a proper calmness.
• Don’t give up: It takes a good amount of time to achieve this sex form practically. So do not give up. Try focusing on the moments rather than focusing on sex directly.

With good practice and understanding between you and your partner, you can definitely enjoy the time you will be spending. Remember, the idea is to control your mind to make the activity last longer.

Intercourse is like Math; Add the Bed, Subtract the Clothes

Girl wants a man with volumeThere is hardly a woman who would not like to see her man have an ejaculation equivalent to the Niagara Falls when they get naughty on bed. But don’t worry! Your better half won’t judge your love or passion on the basis of an ounce of semen you churn out during your nightcap. It is a common fad that male fertility is associated with a high sperm count. The chemistry behind love is one of the most mysterious subjects that have baffled scientists throughout the world. Every person is different; so are their needs of desire and expression of passion to their soul mates!

Male enhancers – guaranteed performance:

Volume pills are by far the most popular lovemaking enhancer products in the market today. But, it is difficult to pinpoint a particular brand of volume pills that will enhance your sperm volume. As mentioned earlier, every person’s physiology is unique. It is best to consult a registered medical practitioner rather than your next door neighbor for eliciting genuine advice. If you wish to deliver more, it is imperative your entire reproductive system should be in prime working condition. And that’s exactly what these volume pills do. They also help in long-lasting erections that help in optimal semen disbursement.

Viagra – Ace of base-related activities:

Lets’ start with one of the oldest players in the market. Also known as Sildenafil Citrate, Viagra is one of the forerunners of male enhancers in the market. Before you rush to purchase Viagra for that coveted night of passion, here are a few things to consider. Viagra does not arouse you. It only prolongs your arousal to heighten intercourse. Viagra releases nitric oxide in the genitalia region of men thereby facilitating better blood flow. It was originally invented to treat Penile Dysfunction. If used under proper medical guidance it improves heart health and is also a good antidepressant. Let’s get into the science part behind this activity! What is sperm? Sperms are essentially made up of two components: sperm cells produced from the male testicles and additional fluids secreted from the male reproductive system. Clinically, if you are able to deliver 3 ml to 5 ml of sperms per ejaculation, then you have done your job well!! Higher sperm volumes call for stronger penile muscle contractions.

The bright side of Volume Pills:

The most obvious advantage is increased pleasure and taste when you get naughty in the bed! The best part about these drugs is that they don’t need a medical prescription and online transactions are kept private as an added measure. So order away with zero worries! Male enhancers help to burn calories as well. In intercourse, a person burns as much as 50 calories of energy. So having a healthy love life has its own contribution to your robust physique.

The dark side of Volume Pills:

Despite its benefits and no requirement for a prescription, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Unevaluated usage of these drugs could cause painful side effects such as a headache, blue tinge vision, upset stomach, a painful prolonged erection called priapism, and in extreme cases cardiovascular disorders.


nude and hotHaving sex is quite easy for most people or so it would seem but to do it well is another thing entirely from the literal act it seems. As a man, your skills in the bedroom could earn you several referrals in your lifetime and it will keep a fair share of women obsessed and addicted to you. That last part doesn’t always end well but it is a lot of fun while it lasts. However, a lot of men screw up terribly during intercourse and there are rumors that most women are yet to experience the big “O” for orgasm. Here are three ways to fuck her good in bed the next time you get the chance.

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1. Listen to her body
Females are not very good with words in the bedroom and this makes it difficult to figure out what really makes them tick. The truth is that every woman is wired differently and you have to find the right trick to unleash the beast within them and turn her on to the cloud nine mood. Pay close attention to those silent, prolonged moans while you’re teasing her nipples or nibbling on her neck. Listen to how she gasps when you slip a finger into her pussy or bend her over the table for a quickie. These are the tell-tale signs that will help you unlock her defenses and work your magic between her legs. Start slowly and find out her most sensitive spots. She wants you to take charge and drive her insane with desire and longing and you can only do this when your tactics are spot on.

2. Pay attention to the clitoris.
A woman’s clitoris holds the key to a memorable sexual session in the bedroom. It is a sensitive bundle of numerous nerve endings that need to be stimulated to turn a sane woman into a moaning, screaming lustful being. Whether you’re working with your fingers or your tongue, you need to place special emphasis on sustained clitoral stimulation. She will melt like a burnt candle and speak in undefined languages if you can get this part right. And when you start fucking her, leave an idle finger to lazily flick and rub on it.

3. Proper fucking is different from sex
The difference between these two is in the performance and not the act. When a woman wants to get fucked, she imagines a stallion mounting her and pounding away with reckless abandon while she’s trying to hold on for her dear life. She definitely now wants to be pinned down, dominated, penetrated powerfully and continuously for as long as possible. Do not disappoint her by simply going through the motions. Leave your mark on that pussy, bring all your muscles and bones to bear and let her delirious moans be music to your ears. Fuck her properly and manfully, leave her breathless and so much exhausted afterward. If you have followed the first two steps, this last one should automatically bring her to nirvana and leave you etched in her memory forever.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Ejaculation Power

Food to increase your ejaculation powerA healthy relationship is the one that encompasses love as
the most reflective and deep emotions well attached to human beings. In a
romantic relationship, every person searches for a compatible partner so as to
have a meaningful element of life. This provides the source of a fulfilled
healthy intimate relationship.

Searching for a soul mate seems complete when both the
partners gets satisfied with both the strengths and weaknesses of each other.
Women on their part loves to be associated with men who give sexual
satisfaction in bed. Therefore a man’s libido determines how long he will last
and increase his ejaculating power. Comparing a healthy man’s ejaculation power
with porn video turns unrealistic since not all can reach the different levels
of cumming exhibited.

As you appear fit, train yourself on delaying ejaculation
for some time. This translates to increased ejaculation power and performance. The following steps should be followed:

Drinking Enough Fluids – ingesting volumes of fluids
increases the amount of semen to be released during orgasm. This is due to the
fact that semen is water-based and it helps lubricate the path through which
the sperm will flow. Drink enough water of about three to four litres in a day
so as to function properly. This determines increased power in ejaculation.
Avoid alcohols at all cost because they dehydrate your body hence leaving it
dry and more like a deserted water park. Alcohol consumption lowers the rate of
sperm production and sperm count severely affecting the quality and quantity of
your sperm released.

Avoid high temperature Zones – testicles are very delicate and
if exposed to excessive heat, the quality of the sperm produced will be
affected. This explains why testicles hung outside to be able to maintain a
lower temperature which the body is able to regulate such heat. In connection
with moderate body temperature, you should avoid wearing tight underwear. Tight
innerwear increases the scrotal temperature and this lowers the sperm
production count and further affecting the semen levels. Avoid sitting while
your legs are in a crossed style. This posture increases warmth within the
crossed legs and thereby affecting the sperm and semen levels adversely to a
great extent. Squashing the scrotal sacks against the warmth area or body risks
chances of increasing their temperature beyond or above the normal range.

Besides the above criteria, abstain from orgasm for some
day, maybe one or two. The body produces sperm at a very high and astonishing
rate of above one thousand five hundred every second averagely implying that
close to two hundred million sperm cells are produced in a day. Thus, whenever
you expose yourself to orgasm, a huge portion of sperms are lost. This calls
for reasons as to why you should wait a bit so as to increase the portion of
sperms which directly translates to increasing cum power. The body
replenishes the lost sperms during orgasm and keeps the level reserved up.
Restrain yourself from other activities which distracts the brain during sexual
intercourse. This helps create a stable relationship and therefore always
keeping the ejaculation power at the top. Sometimes you can take zinc alongside
folic acid as cellular metabolism supplement increasing the sperm count. Eat a
lot of fruits and vegetables like red beans, wild blueberries, cranberries and
blackberries, coconut water, apples, artichokes and prunes.

Better Sex Through Outercourse: Expanding Sexual Horizons

oral-sex-1238553_640Even those people who consistently enjoy good sex wouldn’t mind having even better sex – and that’s where a little attention to outercourse may come in handy. Although incorporating more outercourse into one’s sex life may take a little practice, the results can be well worth it. And since a happy sex life generally improves a man’s penis health, it can be a “win” all around.

What is Outercourse?

The term outercourse refers to sexual activity which does not involve penetration of either the vagina or the anus. It is most often associated with “dry humping“, that is, an activity in which two people rub their genitals together while remaining clothed (a favorite activity of many young people who are just beginning to explore partner-based sex). However, the actual definition of outercourse encompasses much more than this.

Because outercourse is any form of partner-based sex in which the penis does not enter the vagina or anus, it includes oral sex (read this article to find out more information about this topic), mutual masturbation, usage of sex toys, genital-to-genital rubbing, fingering, erotic massage, “dirty talk,” manual stimulation of the breasts and even good old-fashioned kissing.

“Real” Sex

Most couples already engage in some form of outercourse such as kissing, snuggling and foreplay. However, they may find they can achieve better sex if they make outercourse a more important or prominent part of their sexual activities.

For most people, “having sex” means inserting the penis into the vagina – and it’s easy to see why. But people often experience better sex if they take a broader view of the activity. When the goal is to achieve intimate bonding through physical contact, the couple can find satisfaction in extending the amount of outercourse before or after penetration – or even by not making penetration the ultimate goal of the activity.

Both Can Benefit

When discussing outercourse, men often assume that this is something that’s really only good for women. It’s an accepted fact that, in most cases, men are more easily brought to orgasm than are women. This is one of the reasons why a reasonable amount of foreplay is often a way to ensure that both partners climax during intercourse: if the woman gets “warmed up” in advance, the man doesn’t have to last as long once he has entered her.

But in fact, men can often enjoy outercourse with a partner as well. Many men can “edge” while they are masturbating – that is, bring themselves near the point of orgasm again and again before allowing themselves to ejaculate. By incorporating this “edginess” into sex play with a partner, they can experience sustained stimulation while helping their partner also achieve orgasms.

The big key to successful outercourse is to communicate – to tell the other partner what feels good and what doesn’t, and to indicate when stimulation needs to momentarily stop and when it needs to start again. By concentrating on outercourse together, a couple can learn a great deal about their partner’s bodies – and about their own.

Learning to communicate about one’s needs and pleasures and finding out more about each other’s bodies is all part of developing better sex routines for a couple. Outercourse is but one step in this direction. Men should be aware that maintaining penis health is also important in this area and so should use a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. Sometimes a man’s penis becomes de-sensitized from rough handling, either through masturbation or partner-based activity. A crème with acetyl L-carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient, can help to restore diminished sensitivity and make penile stimulation more pleasurable. Men should also check to see if the selected crème includes L-arginine, which is valuable in the production of nitric oxide – and therefore in helping to keep the blood flow to the penis free and unimpeded.

Increase Your Self-Esteem With This Trick

Cases of infidelity are on the rise in today’s relationship set-ups. Men have their reasons for cheating and women have theirs too. In a recent poll that featured a sizable fraction of women from all walks of life, it was discovered that most women attributed their unfaithfulness to the inability of the man to ‘put it in’. Men with a shorter and thinner penis are not to blame for their state, for often it is due to factors that are beyond their control.

Sadly, the size of the penis is largely influenced by genetic factors, making it nearly impossible for the situation to be corrected before birth. Good news though is that due to their tireless and extensive research, experts in the medical field have come up with solutions that could spell better tidings for all men with small penis. If you want to learn how to grow your dick, then this article will specifically delve into some of the recommended remedies.

Penis exercise – As natural as any other form of exercise, the penis requires work outs too in order to increase in size. There are many forms of penis work-outs recommended, such as penis traction and expansion, pelvic floor muscle exercise and jelqing and combination penis exercises. These forms of penis exercise are crucial in increasing both the length and thickness of the penis.

Surgery – There may be instances when the penis size may be too small that work-outs may not help much. Such are the times when reconstructive surgery is recommended. It should always be noted that due to the sensitive nature of this organ, the procedure should be performed only by highly qualified surgeons.

Pills – As the very last resort, pills too can be opted for when aiming to increase penis thickness. It is important to note that as opposed to Viagra and Cialis which only serve to maintain a longer erection, penis enlargement pills serve a totally different function.

So, for those men out there who’re still in doubt on what to do with that little penis, well, options abound and it will be upon you to choose whichever works best for you and permanently put an end to those bedroom frustrations.

Simple Tips On How to Increase Your Ejaculate

There are so many men who have the problem to ejaculate properly. This can be caused due to certain sexual complications. However, reading through this content will help you discover how to cum more without any difficulty.

If this problem is really affecting your sexual life, you can give a technique called edging a try. Edging simply means the ability to masturbate prior to getting to the state of orgasm and you can finally stop. You will have to wait for a couple of minutes until the urge to sex comes pass and start all over again. You can continue to practice this technique for as much as you can withstand. The truth remains that persistence is required to get to the point of no return. You will build up more seminal fluid based on the amount of time you spend. For this reason, it is a good idea to spend a considerable amount of time in your practice. This will help you to get the best result.

Once you have decided to let go, you can now slow the stroking rate as possible. It is important to allow sensation to build up with time. This is a great factor to consider if you are planning to cum more. Your PC muscles should be contracted. This is simply as if you are planning to cut off the flow of urine and allow it to fly again. With time, you will have the knowledge of timing your strokes with ejaculating spasms. This will also help to maximize the distance of your semen fly. You should know that the process is all about trial and error. Provided you can figure out the points to get better results, the entire process will remain simple to achieve. It will also help you to get better orgasms.

5 Exercises to Grow Your Little Man Down There

There is no secret to getting a bigger penis. Yes, there are a number of methods one can use, but penis exercises is the only method with scientific proof to do so. The exercises will give you a longer and thicker penis and even increase your sexual staying power. They include:

  • Stretching

Stretching exercises help in growing the penis bigger by extending internal ligaments of the organ. These exercises should be performed on a flaccid penis until it gets strong and firm. Hold it just below the head and aim at least four stretches. Stretch to 12, 3, 6 and 9 points of the imaginary clock. Every stretch should take at least thirty to forty five seconds. Repeat the process adding 15 to 30 seconds until you can hold at each point for three minutes.

  • Jelqing

This is the number one exercise to grow your penis bigger. The exercise has a colorful exercise and has been used to grow the penis for centuries. It should be performed with an erection of between 50% to 75%. Make an OK sign, with your forefinger and the thumb. With a tight grip hold your penis from the base and stroke down the shaft. On reaching the head of the penis, stroke it with the other hand. Let each stroke last for around 3-4 seconds. Repeat the exercise until you can reach up to 500 jelqs.

  • Towel hang

This exercise will mostly make your penis thicker. It is a great one too as it will help you control ejaculations. On your fully erect penis, place a hand or face towel. Tense your PC muscles, this is like imaging you want to stop yourself from peeing. The towel should be brought closer by doing this. Hold the squeeze for 15-30 minutes then release. Do this every week aiming at 25-30 holds.

  • Kegels

Kegels is an exercise that can be performed from anywhere. It is the same as towel hang, but it is done without the towel and can be performed on a flaccid or erect towel. It involves tensing the PC muscles and holding as much as you can make. You can perform this exercise all day long. When sitting on your desk, eating lunch, on bus or train or even shopping. You can make it a habit to stop, hold and then start again every time you need to pee.

  • Dry milk

This is a great exercise to grow your penis bigger. It is exactly the same grip as jelq, but on this one, you do not stroke the grip down the shaft but make small tugging movements on the penis. On jelqing, you are required to use lubrication but on this one no lubrication is required as the name suggests. Repeat the exercise weekly until you are able to attain up to 100-200 short tugs.

As mentioned earlier, getting a bigger penis will be made easier with these penis exercises. The exercise however requires a lot of patience, commitment and dedication. Following the above tips will make your penis grow bigger in a quickly matter.

Best Ways to Increase Semen Volume Quickly!

Would you like to increase semen volume quickly? Many men want to increase the measure of semen that they have. Ladies discover it amazingly thrilling when they see a man deliver an intense discharge with a lot of volume. Not just is it something that will satisfy your accomplice, however you’ll additionally have the capacity to appreciate more extreme orgasms that last more. At the point when the body needs to work harder to push out the greater part of your discharge, you will find that your orgasms are similar to nothing you’ve ever experienced some time recently. This article will demonstrate to you the most ideal approaches to increase semen volume quickly.

If you want to begin having any kind of effect in such manner as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances, then couple of things you can do to increase semen volume quickly. There are not just things that you can accomplish for your body additionally items that are accessible that will demonstrate mind blowing results when utilized with these different practices.

The primary step is something that you won’t not be anticipating but rather it will truly have any kind of effect. Liquor utilization is something that can influence many tissues in the body adversely and the same thing goes for your sexual organs. It isn’t so much that quite a bit of an issue if you drink little measures of liquor in a specific sitting. The harm comes more when you drink extreme sums at one time. If you can drink with some restraint, you will begin to see an increase in your semen volume quickly.

One of the speediest approaches to get results and increase semen volume quickly is to verify that you are legitimately hydrated. If you consider it, the vast majority of what you are discharging is really comprised of water. This is likewise valid for our bodies, and if you have enough water in your body it’s much less demanding to deliver semen. Our bodies are exceptionally astute machines and if you don’t have enough water, they will tend not to surrender any water pointlessly. Attempt to drink no less than eight glasses a day and you ought to see comes about decently fast.

Ensure that you get enough rest. This is a period when your body is recouping and if you are not sufficiently getting rest then your body simply doesn’t have enough time to deliver semen. You’ll see that if you aren’t sufficiently getting rest every night, your body is by and large more pushed also. This can influence many things like hormone levels and can bring about a decrease in the measure of discharge you have.

There are likewise various substances that will have constructive outcomes on the body. If you are not officially doing it for wellbeing purposes, then it serves to take a multivitamin every day. These give you enhanced general wellbeing and fill the holes that you may have in your eating routine. You will feel better and you’ll have the capacity to deliver better.

How to Please a Girl Like a Real Man

When it comes to sexual satisfaction of your girl, there is no substitute to being nude. Some say they get into relationships sinply because of love but deny her the ecstasy of sexual pleasure and see the purported love wane as if it never were. I have had an encounter with several women and I come to the conclusion that mastering the art of making your girl orgasm could be the second significant skill set after your college degree.

But I don’t have a big penis! It won’t grow soon even if I tried! That is where I was before I realized my lover’s happiness lay right at my fingertips. You can learn to finger and masturbate your woman to make her cum. You will be glad you did.

Start with Foreplay

It takes patience to turn your woman on and make her yield to your advances without any awkwardness. While you are together in the room (I am not saying the busy streets wouldn’t work), and the light is burning dimly and a jazz music in the background, draw close to her and begin rubbing her body gently, touching the breasts and telling her how much you love and want her. “I like your body” works well for me.

Rub her inner thighs with her clothes still on. Soon enough you should switch to her stomach. Slide your hand under her shirts and continue the caressing. Be gentle and start dropping hints of moving south. She has probably began taking a few deep breaths, unless you picked a pro harlot in the street brothels.

Take It to Next Level

Knowing when to make the next move is essential. At this stage, teasing proves versatile. Go ahead to slide your hand to the rim of her panties rubbing gently and teasing to slide deeper in but withdrawing and keeping the rhythm. Let her beg and begin moving as to make you go further into the yard.

Continue the teasing and let the tension build. You can still kiss her neck, around the ears you unbutton and loosen her clothing. Just be careful not to tear the clothes if it’s the only paired she came with. Start rubbing her pussy while her panties are still on. Doing this is more interesting than ridding her of them too soon. Remove them after a while though.

Get to Climax

Your girl is now lying on her back, heaving and wet yet begging for more. Perhaps a few mentions of your name. Use your hand to smooch the lips of her pussy teasing to touch further inside. Apply a little pressure on the area. She is oozing wet and you do not know what to do? You can lick your girl out.

Hitch your ride and touch her vagina sliding your hand around the mouth gently. She will try moving in attempt to have her clitoris touched, but do not give in too soon because that is the topmost of pleasure. When she wants it too bad and groans, begin touching the clitoris, being gentle and slow. This will make her not to orgasm so fast. You do not want to end this show so soon. Rub the clit in cycles and circles, withdrawing and resuming while touching the rim of the vagina with your thumb.

Have a middle finger? Invest it. When your girl has been so tense and has had some orgasms, use your middle finger to “fuck her”. Push it in and out while applying some pressure to her vagina. Women’s tastes do vary. Some are into rigorous fingering while some cum the more on gentle strokes. Switch in between the two to see which one she responds to.

Boy I Have a Labia!

So many men tend to ignore the labia. Fingering your girl’s labia will help her get more orgasms than if you had to go all the way to the clitoris. Taking time to learn the pussy parts is helpful.

Being able to make your girl orgasm through masturbating and fingering can go a long way to get her addicted to you. In this manner, you will not only have your own share of the cake but will also maintain your relationships. Use the above tips to become her lord of romance.