3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Ejaculation Power

Food to increase your ejaculation powerA healthy relationship is the one that encompasses love as
the most reflective and deep emotions well attached to human beings. In a
romantic relationship, every person searches for a compatible partner so as to
have a meaningful element of life. This provides the source of a fulfilled
healthy intimate relationship.

Searching for a soul mate seems complete when both the
partners gets satisfied with both the strengths and weaknesses of each other.
Women on their part loves to be associated with men who give sexual
satisfaction in bed. Therefore a man’s libido determines how long he will last
and increase his ejaculating power. Comparing a healthy man’s ejaculation power
with porn video turns unrealistic since not all can reach the different levels
of cumming exhibited.

As you appear fit, train yourself on delaying ejaculation
for some time. This translates to increased ejaculation power and performance. The following steps should be followed:

Drinking Enough Fluids – ingesting volumes of fluids
increases the amount of semen to be released during orgasm. This is due to the
fact that semen is water-based and it helps lubricate the path through which
the sperm will flow. Drink enough water of about three to four litres in a day
so as to function properly. This determines increased power in ejaculation.
Avoid alcohols at all cost because they dehydrate your body hence leaving it
dry and more like a deserted water park. Alcohol consumption lowers the rate of
sperm production and sperm count severely affecting the quality and quantity of
your sperm released.

Avoid high temperature Zones – testicles are very delicate and
if exposed to excessive heat, the quality of the sperm produced will be
affected. This explains why testicles hung outside to be able to maintain a
lower temperature which the body is able to regulate such heat. In connection
with moderate body temperature, you should avoid wearing tight underwear. Tight
innerwear increases the scrotal temperature and this lowers the sperm
production count and further affecting the semen levels. Avoid sitting while
your legs are in a crossed style. This posture increases warmth within the
crossed legs and thereby affecting the sperm and semen levels adversely to a
great extent. Squashing the scrotal sacks against the warmth area or body risks
chances of increasing their temperature beyond or above the normal range.

Besides the above criteria, abstain from orgasm for some
day, maybe one or two. The body produces sperm at a very high and astonishing
rate of above one thousand five hundred every second averagely implying that
close to two hundred million sperm cells are produced in a day. Thus, whenever
you expose yourself to orgasm, a huge portion of sperms are lost. This calls
for reasons as to why you should wait a bit so as to increase the portion of
sperms which directly translates to increasing cum power. The body
replenishes the lost sperms during orgasm and keeps the level reserved up.
Restrain yourself from other activities which distracts the brain during sexual
intercourse. This helps create a stable relationship and therefore always
keeping the ejaculation power at the top. Sometimes you can take zinc alongside
folic acid as cellular metabolism supplement increasing the sperm count. Eat a
lot of fruits and vegetables like red beans, wild blueberries, cranberries and
blackberries, coconut water, apples, artichokes and prunes.

Better Sex Through Outercourse: Expanding Sexual Horizons

oral-sex-1238553_640Even those people who consistently enjoy good sex wouldn’t mind having even better sex – and that’s where a little attention to outercourse may come in handy. Although incorporating more outercourse into one’s sex life may take a little practice, the results can be well worth it. And since a happy sex life generally improves a man’s penis health, it can be a “win” all around.

What is Outercourse?

The term outercourse refers to sexual activity which does not involve penetration of either the vagina or the anus. It is most often associated with “dry humping“, that is, an activity in which two people rub their genitals together while remaining clothed (a favorite activity of many young people who are just beginning to explore partner-based sex). However, the actual definition of outercourse encompasses much more than this.

Because outercourse is any form of partner-based sex in which the penis does not enter the vagina or anus, it includes oral sex (read this article to find out more information about this topic), mutual masturbation, usage of sex toys, genital-to-genital rubbing, fingering, erotic massage, “dirty talk,” manual stimulation of the breasts and even good old-fashioned kissing.

“Real” Sex

Most couples already engage in some form of outercourse such as kissing, snuggling and foreplay. However, they may find they can achieve better sex if they make outercourse a more important or prominent part of their sexual activities.

For most people, “having sex” means inserting the penis into the vagina – and it’s easy to see why. But people often experience better sex if they take a broader view of the activity. When the goal is to achieve intimate bonding through physical contact, the couple can find satisfaction in extending the amount of outercourse before or after penetration – or even by not making penetration the ultimate goal of the activity.

Both Can Benefit

When discussing outercourse, men often assume that this is something that’s really only good for women. It’s an accepted fact that, in most cases, men are more easily brought to orgasm than are women. This is one of the reasons why a reasonable amount of foreplay is often a way to ensure that both partners climax during intercourse: if the woman gets “warmed up” in advance, the man doesn’t have to last as long once he has entered her.

But in fact, men can often enjoy outercourse with a partner as well. Many men can “edge” while they are masturbating – that is, bring themselves near the point of orgasm again and again before allowing themselves to ejaculate. By incorporating this “edginess” into sex play with a partner, they can experience sustained stimulation while helping their partner also achieve orgasms.

The big key to successful outercourse is to communicate – to tell the other partner what feels good and what doesn’t, and to indicate when stimulation needs to momentarily stop and when it needs to start again. By concentrating on outercourse together, a couple can learn a great deal about their partner’s bodies – and about their own.

Learning to communicate about one’s needs and pleasures and finding out more about each other’s bodies is all part of developing better sex routines for a couple. Outercourse is but one step in this direction. Men should be aware that maintaining penis health is also important in this area and so should use a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily. Sometimes a man’s penis becomes de-sensitized from rough handling, either through masturbation or partner-based activity. A crème with acetyl L-carnitine, a neuroprotective ingredient, can help to restore diminished sensitivity and make penile stimulation more pleasurable. Men should also check to see if the selected crème includes L-arginine, which is valuable in the production of nitric oxide – and therefore in helping to keep the blood flow to the penis free and unimpeded.