How to Please a Girl Like a Real Man

When it comes to sexual satisfaction of your girl, there is no substitute to being nude. Some say they get into relationships sinply because of love but deny her the ecstasy of sexual pleasure and see the purported love wane as if it never were. I have had an encounter with several women and I come to the conclusion that mastering the art of making your girl orgasm could be the second significant skill set after your college degree.

But I don’t have a big penis! It won’t grow soon even if I tried! That is where I was before I realized my lover’s happiness lay right at my fingertips. You can learn to finger and masturbate your woman to make her cum. You will be glad you did.

Start with Foreplay

It takes patience to turn your woman on and make her yield to your advances without any awkwardness. While you are together in the room (I am not saying the busy streets wouldn’t work), and the light is burning dimly and a jazz music in the background, draw close to her and begin rubbing her body gently, touching the breasts and telling her how much you love and want her. “I like your body” works well for me.

Rub her inner thighs with her clothes still on. Soon enough you should switch to her stomach. Slide your hand under her shirts and continue the caressing. Be gentle and start dropping hints of moving south. She has probably began taking a few deep breaths, unless you picked a pro harlot in the street brothels.

Take It to Next Level

Knowing when to make the next move is essential. At this stage, teasing proves versatile. Go ahead to slide your hand to the rim of her panties rubbing gently and teasing to slide deeper in but withdrawing and keeping the rhythm. Let her beg and begin moving as to make you go further into the yard.

Continue the teasing and let the tension build. You can still kiss her neck, around the ears you unbutton and loosen her clothing. Just be careful not to tear the clothes if it’s the only paired she came with. Start rubbing her pussy while her panties are still on. Doing this is more interesting than ridding her of them too soon. Remove them after a while though.

Get to Climax

Your girl is now lying on her back, heaving and wet yet begging for more. Perhaps a few mentions of your name. Use your hand to smooch the lips of her pussy teasing to touch further inside. Apply a little pressure on the area. She is oozing wet and you do not know what to do? You can lick your girl out.

Hitch your ride and touch her vagina sliding your hand around the mouth gently. She will try moving in attempt to have her clitoris touched, but do not give in too soon because that is the topmost of pleasure. When she wants it too bad and groans, begin touching the clitoris, being gentle and slow. This will make her not to orgasm so fast. You do not want to end this show so soon. Rub the clit in cycles and circles, withdrawing and resuming while touching the rim of the vagina with your thumb.

Have a middle finger? Invest it. When your girl has been so tense and has had some orgasms, use your middle finger to “fuck her”. Push it in and out while applying some pressure to her vagina. Women’s tastes do vary. Some are into rigorous fingering while some cum the more on gentle strokes. Switch in between the two to see which one she responds to.

Boy I Have a Labia!

So many men tend to ignore the labia. Fingering your girl’s labia will help her get more orgasms than if you had to go all the way to the clitoris. Taking time to learn the pussy parts is helpful.

Being able to make your girl orgasm through masturbating and fingering can go a long way to get her addicted to you. In this manner, you will not only have your own share of the cake but will also maintain your relationships. Use the above tips to become her lord of romance.