Increase Your Self-Esteem With This Trick

Cases of infidelity are on the rise in today’s relationship set-ups. Men have their reasons for cheating and women have theirs too. In a recent poll that featured a sizable fraction of women from all walks of life, it was discovered that most women attributed their unfaithfulness to the inability of the man to ‘put it in’. Men with a shorter and thinner penis are not to blame for their state, for often it is due to factors that are beyond their control.

Sadly, the size of the penis is largely influenced by genetic factors, making it nearly impossible for the situation to be corrected before birth. Good news though is that due to their tireless and extensive research, experts in the medical field have come up with solutions that could spell better tidings for all men with small penis. If you want to learn how to grow your dick, then this article will specifically delve into some of the recommended remedies.

Penis exercise – As natural as any other form of exercise, the penis requires work outs too in order to increase in size. There are many forms of penis work-outs recommended, such as penis traction and expansion, pelvic floor muscle exercise and jelqing and combination penis exercises. These forms of penis exercise are crucial in increasing both the length and thickness of the penis.

Surgery – There may be instances when the penis size may be too small that work-outs may not help much. Such are the times when reconstructive surgery is recommended. It should always be noted that due to the sensitive nature of this organ, the procedure should be performed only by highly qualified surgeons.

Pills – As the very last resort, pills too can be opted for when aiming to increase penis thickness. It is important to note that as opposed to Viagra and Cialis which only serve to maintain a longer erection, penis enlargement pills serve a totally different function.

So, for those men out there who’re still in doubt on what to do with that little penis, well, options abound and it will be upon you to choose whichever works best for you and permanently put an end to those bedroom frustrations.