nude and hotHaving sex is quite easy for most people or so it would seem but to do it well is another thing entirely from the literal act it seems. As a man, your skills in the bedroom could earn you several referrals in your lifetime and it will keep a fair share of women obsessed and addicted to you. That last part doesn’t always end well but it is a lot of fun while it lasts. However, a lot of men screw up terribly during intercourse and there are rumors that most women are yet to experience the big “O” for orgasm. Here are three ways to fuck her good in bed the next time you get the chance.

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1. Listen to her body
Females are not very good with words in the bedroom and this makes it difficult to figure out what really makes them tick. The truth is that every woman is wired differently and you have to find the right trick to unleash the beast within them and turn her on to the cloud nine mood. Pay close attention to those silent, prolonged moans while you’re teasing her nipples or nibbling on her neck. Listen to how she gasps when you slip a finger into her pussy or bend her over the table for a quickie. These are the tell-tale signs that will help you unlock her defenses and work your magic between her legs. Start slowly and find out her most sensitive spots. She wants you to take charge and drive her insane with desire and longing and you can only do this when your tactics are spot on.

2. Pay attention to the clitoris.
A woman’s clitoris holds the key to a memorable sexual session in the bedroom. It is a sensitive bundle of numerous nerve endings that need to be stimulated to turn a sane woman into a moaning, screaming lustful being. Whether you’re working with your fingers or your tongue, you need to place special emphasis on sustained clitoral stimulation. She will melt like a burnt candle and speak in undefined languages if you can get this part right. And when you start fucking her, leave an idle finger to lazily flick and rub on it.

3. Proper fucking is different from sex
The difference between these two is in the performance and not the act. When a woman wants to get fucked, she imagines a stallion mounting her and pounding away with reckless abandon while she’s trying to hold on for her dear life. She definitely now wants to be pinned down, dominated, penetrated powerfully and continuously for as long as possible. Do not disappoint her by simply going through the motions. Leave your mark on that pussy, bring all your muscles and bones to bear and let her delirious moans be music to your ears. Fuck her properly and manfully, leave her breathless and so much exhausted afterward. If you have followed the first two steps, this last one should automatically bring her to nirvana and leave you etched in her memory forever.