tantric sexEverything in life will never go wrong if you make your basics strong. You cannot be Picasso unless and until you know how to draw a perfect circle. 

In our everyday life sex play, a vital role and everybody wants this to be perfect. Here comes basic mantra of tantra often known as Tantric Sex.

What Basic Mantra says?

It is one of the oldest practice that Hindus used to follow. They are practicing this since 5000 years back. The basic rule of this mantra is expansion and weaving of energy. It tells about slowing down the sexual process so that the sex partners can upsurge intimacy while creating a connection between soul and body. This will indeed increase the level of intimacy.
If someone is facing troubles in their sex life and want to reboot it then this sex form can work like a charm for them. It will help the partners to reinvent each other. This mantra strongly condemns the practice of doing quickie sex and encourages deep and slow sex.

How you can define it

Eventually, it is not goal oriented. Therefore, you don’t have to possess high physical endurance to perform the same. However, it all depends on your mind. If you mainly focus on the orgasms and not on enjoying the time you are having with your partner, it will never last long and the mantra of this ends there itself. If you can enjoy the foreplay, be more intimate with your partner and enjoy the time you guys are having, then it’s a perfect example of Tantric sex.

Before going into a more specific area of achieving this sex form, you should know a variety of meditative ways through which you can slow down your excitement and urge for the orgasm.

Some of the best practices used are as follows:

• Turn of the Lights: Darkness is another form of calmness. So make sure you are away from the hustle and bustle of city lights and sound while having a perfect time with your partner.
• Make your body loose: Any form of sex needs calmness in mind as well as in our body. Try loosening your muscles, a short but effective massage between you and your partner definitely will make things more intimate.
• Stay off the Bed / do not lay down: This is where we all make mistake. As I said earlier that it’s all about the mind control. The bed actually triggers up the Sleep button in our brain which eventually hits our Physical endurance and we feel like tired. So even if you are using your private bed for comfort, try to avoid sleeping.
• Experiments: Do not go with the same approach which you generally do which getting intimate with your partner. Try some different touches, soft massages. The objective is to make the sensation higher and intense so that you both can enjoy the time you are having
• Breathing: Do not get over breathing. It will never help you last longer. Make the breathing in such a way that you and your partner both can inhale and exhale with a proper calmness.
• Don’t give up: It takes a good amount of time to achieve this sex form practically. So do not give up. Try focusing on the moments rather than focusing on sex directly.

With good practice and understanding between you and your partner, you can definitely enjoy the time you will be spending. Remember, the idea is to control your mind to make the activity last longer.