Intercourse is like Math; Add the Bed, Subtract the Clothes

Girl wants a man with volumeThere is hardly a woman who would not like to see her man have an ejaculation equivalent to the Niagara Falls when they get naughty on bed. But don’t worry! Your better half won’t judge your love or passion on the basis of an ounce of semen you churn out during your nightcap. It is a common fad that male fertility is associated with a high sperm count. The chemistry behind love is one of the most mysterious subjects that have baffled scientists throughout the world. Every person is different; so are their needs of desire and expression of passion to their soul mates!

Male enhancers – guaranteed performance:

Volume pills are by far the most popular lovemaking enhancer products in the market today. But, it is difficult to pinpoint a particular brand of volume pills that will enhance your sperm volume. As mentioned earlier, every person’s physiology is unique. It is best to consult a registered medical practitioner rather than your next door neighbor for eliciting genuine advice. If you wish to deliver more, it is imperative your entire reproductive system should be in prime working condition. And that’s exactly what these volume pills do. They also help in long-lasting erections that help in optimal semen disbursement.

Viagra – Ace of base-related activities:

Lets’ start with one of the oldest players in the market. Also known as Sildenafil Citrate, Viagra is one of the forerunners of male enhancers in the market. Before you rush to purchase Viagra for that coveted night of passion, here are a few things to consider. Viagra does not arouse you. It only prolongs your arousal to heighten intercourse. Viagra releases nitric oxide in the genitalia region of men thereby facilitating better blood flow. It was originally invented to treat Penile Dysfunction. If used under proper medical guidance it improves heart health and is also a good antidepressant. Let’s get into the science part behind this activity! What is sperm? Sperms are essentially made up of two components: sperm cells produced from the male testicles and additional fluids secreted from the male reproductive system. Clinically, if you are able to deliver 3 ml to 5 ml of sperms per ejaculation, then you have done your job well!! Higher sperm volumes call for stronger penile muscle contractions.

The bright side of Volume Pills:

The most obvious advantage is increased pleasure and taste when you get naughty in the bed! The best part about these drugs is that they don’t need a medical prescription and online transactions are kept private as an added measure. So order away with zero worries! Male enhancers help to burn calories as well. In intercourse, a person burns as much as 50 calories of energy. So having a healthy love life has its own contribution to your robust physique.

The dark side of Volume Pills:

Despite its benefits and no requirement for a prescription, it’s best to be safe than sorry. Unevaluated usage of these drugs could cause painful side effects such as a headache, blue tinge vision, upset stomach, a painful prolonged erection called priapism, and in extreme cases cardiovascular disorders.